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What is EziPei?

EziPei is the only mobile wallet in the Solomon Islands that works on Any Phone, Any Network, Anywhere.


It allows you to send money, receive money, top up your airtime, pay for electricity and water from wherever you are. On any type of phone – smartphones or simple feature phones.


Withdrawing and depositing your money is so much easier. Paying your bills and buying groceries in a shop is simple, fast and secure.


There is no need to carry cash. Just your phone. Your money is with the bank, but there is no need to travel to the bank to withdraw or deposit it. All you need to do is to an EziPei agent or Post Office. No queues on payday, saving you time and money. It’s Ezi ! And you don’t have to leave your home.


New bill payment options for water and electricity and airtime top-up are all there for you.


To enjoy all the benefits of EziPei, all you need is a mobile phone and an active SIM card. The global, award winning wallet uses encrypted SMS. Even if you lose your phone you can’t lose your money. It’s safe and secure.


You don’t even need to be a customer to receive the money!

EziPei offers you:

  • CONVENIENCE: EziPei is available in all Post Offices, EziPei agents and EziPei merchants located across the country.  EziPei operates across any network – Telekom or Bmobile.

  • SECURE: EziPei requires your registered EziPei mobile number and self-activated PIN. Every transaction uses encrypted SMS and is authorised with your secret PIN.

  • SIMPLE TO USE: EziPei is easy to use and anyone can be a EziPei account holder as long as you have a valid identification document. In the event that a minor wishes to register for EziPei,  provision of their respective guardian will suffice.

  • YOU CAN’T LOSE YOUR MONEY: In the event that a phone is lost or stolen, money can be recovered upon replacement of the SIM card and showing your proof of identity at any Post Office or EziPei agent. We protect you.

EziPei allows you to:

  • Deposit money to a customer wallet through an authorised EziPei Agent.

  • Send money from your EziPei account to any other number conveniently across all networks.

  • Receive money from another EziPei customer.

  • Withdraw money from any authorised EziPei Agent countrywide.

  • Purchase prepaid services like airtime top-up for any mobile network or prepaid electricity for any meter number.

  • Pay utility bills.

  • Pay for goods and services at EziPei registered merchants.


Solomon Post has a strict policy on anti-money laundering. To open an account requires that you turn up in person and show a valid ID to register. After that you’re up and running!


Your money is held safely in a bank by EziPei and you can use any type of phone.

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