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Ezi Pei is an innovative mobile phone based financial service offered by Solomon Post that offers a wide range of cross-functional solutions.  These include mobile money transfers, banking and payment services. Ezi Pei is fully interoperable, it works on any phone and any network.

To enjoy Ezi Pei all you need is a mobile phone and an active sim card. Ezi Pei service provides mobile wallet services via fully patented and encrypted SMS technology, which is at the leading edge of the fintech wave transforming the global financial services market.

Ezi Pei offers you:

  • Convenience: Ezi Pei is available in all post offices, Ezi Pei Agents and Ezi Pei Merchants located across the country.  Ezi Pei operates across any network.

  • Security: Ezi Pei requires your registered Ezi Pei mobile number and self-activated PIN. Every transaction is effected by SMS and authorised with a PIN. Ezi Pei technology does not store information as it is highly encrypted. In addition, there is only one wallet linked to an account. Solomon Post has a strict policy on anti-money laundering. In the event that a phone is lost or stolen, money can only be recovered upon replacement of the SIM card and the hard coded application which requires the physical presence of the owner and production of a valid identification documentation.

  • Simplicity: Ezi Pei is relatively easy to use and anyone can be a Ezi Pei account holder as long as you have a valid identification document. In the event that a minor wishes to register for Ezi Pei provision of their respective guardian will suffice.

Ezi Pei allows you to:

  • Deposit money to a customer wallet through an authorised Ezi Pei Agent.

  • Send money from your Ezi Pei account to any other number conveniently across all networks.

  • Receive money from another Ezi Pei customer.

  • Withdraw money from any authorised Ezi Pei Agent countrywide.

  • Purchase prepaid services like airtime top up for any mobile network or prepaid electricity for any meter number.

  • Pay utility bills.

  • Pay for goods and services at Ezi Pei registered merchants.

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