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  • Am I eligible to open an EZIPEI account?
    Any mobile phone customer above the age of 18 years is eligible to hold a EziPei account.
  • What happens if my SIM-skin gets damaged?
    You will need to get a replacement skin from your nearest EziPei Agent.
  • When I install my skin for the first time my handset shows one of the following messages: No SIM/No network/Emergency calls only. What can I do?
    We have found that sometimes some glue residue can be left on the SIM-Skin which stops the SIM making contact in your handset. Please remove your SIM card from the handset while the SIM-Skin is attached and wipe with a dry cloth. If the problem persists please visit your nearest EziPei Agent or call Customer Care on +66742070
  • How much does it cost to open a EziPei account?
    It is free to open an EziPei account.
  • Can I send money to a phone number that does not have an EziPei account?
    Yes. You are able to send money to anyone with a phone number, even if they do not have a EziPei account. The recipient would need to go to their nearest EziPei Agent to register in order to activate their account and access funds.
  • Can I use my EziPei account if my phone number gets suspended or expires?
    No. Your EziPei account is linked to your phone number. If you get a new phone number you will need to visit your nearest EziPei Agent with necessary documents to amend your mobile number. The funds will be transferred to your new registered mobile number.
  • How do I top-up the balance on my EziPei account?
    You can visit your local EziPei agent and purchase credit. Simply provide your mobile number to the agent and you should receive an SMS instantly with an updated account balance. If your credit has run out and you try to make an international call don’t panic. The call will not go through your service provider. You will simply hear a message stating that your balance is zero and will be transferred to Customer Services.
  • Is information on my phone secure?
    Yes. Our technology does not store, interrogate your contacts or send anything to your phone.
  • In the event I lose my Phone/SIM card, is there a risk of losing my money?"
    You should at all times ensure that your phone and SIM card are kept safe. All EziPei correspondence is sent via SMS so you should safe guard all transactions done.
  • What happens if I fail to get an SMS after transacting on EziPei?
    You can call our Contact Centre on +66742070 or visit your nearest EziPei agent.
  • How do I check my EziPei account balance?
    Under customer menu, select ‘My Account’ by following the below steps: 1. Check Balance 2. Enter PIN 3. Confirmation message displayed
  • What do I do if I forget my PIN?
    You can Reset your PIN by following the below steps: Under Customer Menu Select ‘Reset PIN’ Enter Date of Birth Enter ID type Enter ID number Confirmation Message displayed
  • Do I need to have a smartphone to use EziPei facilities?
    No. EziPei is available on all types of mobile phones.
  • What documentation do I need to open an account?
    To open an EziPei account you will need to provide your full name, photo ID, address, date of birth, nationality, mobile number and contact details.
  • Can I have more than one phone number linked to my account?
    No. Only 1 wallet can be linked to an account.
  • How can I find my closest EziPei agent?
    You can call our Customer Centre on +66742070 or if you have access to the internet you can visit
  • How will I know authenticity of the EziPei agent?
    The EziPei agent will have an EziPei identity registration document. If you are in any doubt please call our Customer Centre on +66742070.
  • What does a EziPei agent do?
    A EziPei agent is an authorized person who is available for information on EziPei and help with: Opening a EziPei account, Deposit/withdraw cash from your EziPei account, Top up airtime, Pay bills, Receiving money from another person/organisation.
  • When does my sim-skin activate?
    Your sim-skin is activated by the EziPei agent and is available for immediate use.
  • How do I access the SIM-Skin menu?
    Dial #99 send to access the EziPei menu.
  • How do I manage my account?
    Dial #99 send. You will see the full range of EziPei services available to you including Your Balance, Withdraw money, Pay Bills Buy Goods, Send Money. If you need to change any of your account details you can do this online at or speak to one of our business advisers at the Customer Centre on +66742070
  • Does it cost me anything to use the EZIPEI service?
    Using the EziPei services will cost depending on the action and amount of money being transacted. Bibicalling costs will depend on the destination country being called. Details of the tariffs charged by EziPei are available at all EziPei agents and online at
  • How safe is the money on my EziPei account?
    All transactions on the EziPei system are highly secure and validated with two factor authentications – your personal mobile number and your PIN. Please do not share your PIN with anyone else. EziPei will never ask for your PIN.
  • Does my account close if it has no balance on it?
    No. Once opened your account will not be closed if your balance is zero.
  • Can someone withdraw money from my EziPei account?
    No. The money cannot be withdrawn on your behalf as the withdrawal process is initiated by you on your handset using your PIN number.
  • Is there a time limit for the unregistered customer to withdraw the funds sent to them?
    No. The money in the wallet will not expire.
  • Can I use Credit cards to put money onto my EziPei account?
    No. Credit cards are not accepted to load money onto the EziPei account.
  • I cannot find the SIM application option.
    With most handsets you can dial #99 send and the menu should appear. iPhone Open your Settings menu. Tap on Phone. The SIM Applications option is at the bottom of the list. You should now get access to a text-based menu. Features enabled by the carrier are listed here. Ours include checking our balance and toggling services on or off. If you are using either a smart phone or feature phone then the SIM Applications option is normally within your app drawer.
  • How do I file a complaint?
    By phone: Please call customer services on +66742070 This line is open 9am-5:30pm to Mon – Fri, excluding public holidays By post: Solomon Islands Postal Corporation General Post Office, Mendana Avenue PO Box 1930, Honiara Solomon Islands By email: By fax: +677 20440 Please add 'Complaint' to the subject field of your email, and include your name and address, your mobile/landline and account number, a daytime contact number, and details of your complaint or problem.
  • Definition of a Registered Customer
    A registered EziPei customer is one whose EziPei account has been opened. An individual can open an EziPei wallet by giving certain minimum details like name, mobile number, Date of birth, Mother's maiden name/email ID etc. A minimum KYC registered customer can deposit cash, withdraw cash, top up airtime, pay utility bill payment, etc.
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