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EZIPEI is removing all domestic money transfer fees for the next 90 days

This will continue until the 20th July 2020 at which time we will review actions based on any further announcements by the government

You can count on EZIPEI.

As we continue to closely monitor the impact of COVID-19 on communities across the Solomon Islands, we recognize that EZIPEI customers are relying on our service to ensure they have critical connections with family, loved ones, and emergency service providers. Keeping you connected is a top priority.

EZIPEI customers do not have to travel far or join queues to pay bills. This will reduce the chance of transmitting or catching Coronavirus and allows individuals to reduce contact from outside of their community.

If someone is diagnosed with Coronavirus they can still pay all their bills from the safety of their own home or village. Assist your friends and family members by getting them to join EZIPEI today and we will help you.


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